Lazy Captain for Charter Company

Lazy-Captain, developed by Databooz, is a digital service dedicated to nautical charter operators. The main goal of Lazy-Captain is to simplify information management, providing a Databooz expert as a direct collaborator to handle specific activities. This allows operators to focus on the core of their business: offering exceptional experiences at sea.
Key Features

Centralized Management: Centralizes all business processes, from website creation to events, bookings to check-in and check-out, billing and payments to accounting.

Process Automation: Automates and simplifies daily operations such as bookings, event management, and monitoring financial transactions.

Dedicated Support: Access a Databooz expert as a direct collaborator for efficient and personalized information management.

Simplified Onboarding:

>  Introduction and Presentation: A Databooz representative conducts an introductory meeting, detailing the services offered by Lazy-Captain. Benefits, features, and how Lazy-Captain can simplify and enhance business operations management for the nautical charter operator are explained.

> Customer Needs Assessment: During this phase, the customer provides details about their current business documentation and access to existing computer systems. Information is gathered about the company's size, operations, current processes, and specific requirements.

> Customization of the Solution: Based on the provided information, Databooz customizes Lazy-Captain to fit the specific needs and workflows of the customer. This may include configuring relevant tools and features to optimize operational efficiency.

> Training and Initial Guidance: Databooz provides a comprehensive training session for the customer and their team, guiding them in submitting existing documentation and accessing relevant systems. The features and usage of Lazy-Captain are explained.

> System Population: The customer provides current documentation, allowing Databooz to initially populate the Lazy-Captain system with relevant data. If needed, access to existing systems is obtained to extract relevant information.

Simplicity and Operational Burden Reduction: Freedom from the complex operational burden associated with managing the company's information system, thanks to the dedicated assistance of Lazy-Captain.

Expert Professionals at Your Service: Access to a team of Databooz experts as if they were direct collaborators, ready to assist and manage specific activities.

Comprehensive Management of Business Processes: Ability to efficiently manage all business processes related to nautical charter activities in an integrated manner, such as website creation, events, bookings, check-in, check-out, billing, payments, and more.

Operations Optimization: Maximization of operational efficiency through the use of IT tools and active support from Lazy-Captain in managing daily activities.

Personalization and Adaptability: Ability to customize the service according to the specific needs of the customer, ensuring a perfect fit to the unique characteristics and processes of their company.

Focus on Core Business: Allowing the customer to focus on the core business of their nautical charter company by delegating the complexities of information management to Lazy-Captain.

Enhancement of Online Presence: Assurance that the company's online presence is always up-to-date through professional management of the website and digital tools.

Continuous 24/7 Assistance: Access to a 24/7 active assistance service to address any needs or emergencies in real-time.
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