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Our consultants apply innovation using scientific approach to improve your organization and your systems. Client's goal are our goals. We risk with you.

Stay relevant

Today's landascape is very fluid and induce companies to make a greater effort to understand the right direction. Databooz's ability to identify opportunity and pilot clients to the goals.
Strategic consultant
Processes consultant
Technology consultant

Business Process Outsourcing

Traditional BPO is dead.
Yet the need to reinvent business operations is more paramount than ever.

Full BPO

Databooz's experiences and capability to improve you support processes. Carve out part of client organization to reduce costs and increase quality.

Credit Management Back Office

20-40% of costs reduction on Back Office activities into Credit Management Processess. People, Best-practice & Artificial Intelligence to obtain a immediately success.

A good solution to innovate

Databooz is the right player low-cost to innovate processess and systems. Digital transformation is our most important capability.


A people first transformation.
Need or change of perspective? Extraordinary events often force companies to reduce their workforce or, on the contrary, to face the need for staff in a very short time. Bringing these two groups together - connecting both sides of the work equation - is the idea behind People + Work Connect. The strength of a company lies in its ability to manage organizational change and act in an integrated and synergistic way on three design levers: Bricks, Bytes and Behaviors.

Technology and talent. Strategic human resource management plays a primary role in any organized context. The elements that guide the growth of resources are knowledge and innovation, the main sources of a company's competitive capacity and elements to be developed to encourage the continuous generation of value.

The Future is Present. From healthcare to the banking sector, new technologies are increasing productivity and efficiency, but digital tools are still not entirely sufficient. It is necessary to invest in redevelopment strategies that combine an enhanced talent pipeline, smart technologies and an agile culture and leadership so that companies can aim for a global expansion of profits and an increase in human capital.

How we do it

With our clients, we focus on talent principles in a 'People-first' mindset.

Transform future workforce

Mobilize the workforce with new reskilling strategies to boost productivity and long-term growth.

Reinvent workforce experience and HR

Apply human-centered design thinking and digital such a blockchain, AI, robotics, cloud and analytics to reinvent HR.

Drive agile

Cultivate innovation, enterprise agility and transformation - at speed and scale - with the right leadership and culture.

Financial advisoring

Raw material to achieve the success.

/Management control

Company check-up: assets, income, company performance, organization.
Assistance in relations with business partners: contracts, finance and investments.
Investment evaluation and “make or buy” choices.
Scenario analysis.
Annual and interim budget and reporting.
Budget analysis.
Costs and revenues analysis.
Business plan and strategic plan.

/Business finance

Analysis, study and optimization of the financial structure.
Analysis of the conditions for access to bank and parabanking credit.
Assistance in relations with banking, financial and trust institutions.
Business plans, cash flows, treasury plans.
Renegotiation, debt restructuring and financial rebalancing.
Grants, subsidized loans, Invitalia, Sace, Simest, Industry 4.0.
Study and research of sources of financing: private equity and structured finance.
Capital transactions, bond loans and shareholder loans.

/Extraordinary operation

Due diligence activity.
Assistance for corporate reorganization operations: mergers and acquisitions, transfers of business complexes, leveraged buyouts and management buyouts, joint ventures.
Crisis management.
Fund raising (debt, financial investors, industrial investors).
Assistance in the placement of bonds issued in Italy and abroad.
Assistance in listing procedures on the stock exchange in Italy and abroad.
Business evaluation: groups, companies, company branches, assets and financial instruments.
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